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So You Want To Date My Daughter?

A Father's Rulebook on the Do's and Don'ts for Dating His Little Princess


A father's rulebook on the do's and don'ts for dating his little princess, filled with straight forward and practical advice, for any parent in need of a how-to manual to help prepare their teenage daughter and her dating choices for the essentials of safe and sane teenage dating. It’s also a handy guide for teenage daughters on what is an acceptable dating candidate and to prepare her date to meet her parents and win their approval. 

It finally hit me one day after I kept hearing my tween aged daughter rave time and time again after she saw a good-looking guy. “Boy! Is he hot?” “He’s so hot!” “He’s smokin’ hot!” So, it got me thinking; ‘Maybe she’s going to end up wild and promiscuous like my single Playboy Bunny mom!’ Worried like any loving father, I remembered articles on how family traits skip a generation. If that were true for my daughter, she could end up being a Playboy centerfold ten years later!

Determined to make sure that didn’t happen, I did extensive research regarding teenage dating and sexuality while she was a teenager, covering every pertinent fact and statistic regarding teenage dating and sexuality. What I discovered during this journey of enlightenment was there was NO definitive book about teenage sexuality and dating! So, I decided to become an expert myself on the comical, emotional, and humiliating aspects of pre-pubescent and pubescent behavior, as well as the darker side of teenage pregnancy, STD's, and dating partner violence.


Knowing what I wanted then as a testosterone fueled teenage boy; versus what I know now as a protective father of teenage daughter; I sat down and wrote So You Want to Date My Daughter? A Father’s Rulebook on the Do’s and Don’ts for Dating His Little Princess, the definitive book for every-day-dads, moms, and single parents like you and me who need a how-to-manual in life. Because of that wisdom and what I learned along the way, it’s now this book’s mission to help prepare and empower other dads and daughters for safe and sane dating and pass this practical information and advice from all twenty-one chapters on to others. 

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