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Wildflowers (Novel)

Wildflowers is a comedy-drama novel based on actual events in 1968 about an ex-Playboy Bunny named Lisa who kidnaps her two sons from school, Teddy and Cody, ages eight and ten—that she lost custody of to the boy’s grandparents—for being deemed an unfit single mother by the California Dept. of Social Services.


Caught between two worlds—the boys must choose between them. Against their better judgment—Cody and Teddy decide with their hearts over their heads and allow their mom to kidnap them from school where the threesome escape without being caught. Undaunted, Lisa’s parents hire her ex-husband Sean, a private detective, to find the boys and bring Lisa to justice and the boys back to safety.

Determined to do things her way and escape the boys’ persistent father without leaving a trail, Lisa and the boys hitch-hike across the USA from San Diego, California to Miami, Florida, barely avoiding apprehension every step of the way. From there they travel by boat to the Bahamas where they meet a debonair and widowed casino operator Roger, whom Lisa falls in love with and the boys adore.

With theirs dreams about to come true—they’re suddenly shattered by mobsters, a hurricane, and buried treasure. Or are they?​

Wildflowers - Front Cover (12-29-17) IS.
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