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Every Daughter Deserves A Gentleman 

How to Master Gentlemanly Behavior and Become a Gentleman


It struck me odd one day as I picked up my daughter’s friends at her middle school to go roller skating that one of the boys to be picked up was sagging! He was not one of my daughter’s regular friends, and yet there he was waiting his turn to enter my SUV with the other kids. But that didn’t happen! Firmly and calmly, I announced to him that I have a strict “no sagging“ policy for riding in my car. Without hesitating, he hiked his pants up and tightened his belt, and he was gladly accepted into the back seat of my car with the other kids.

I never saw the boy ever again, but I continue to see to this day the stupefaction of sagging and believe this is the most intolerable dressing snafus a teenage boy and adolescent can make. And let’s not forget also making a fool of yourself and portraying a host of negative, obscene, and anti-social statements. Sagging and the gangsta’ lifestyle that is associated with it is the scourge of civilized society and the antithesis to gentlemanly dress and behavior. You can’t get much lower than that, just like their pants, all pun intended. To this day, I’m still amazed as to how low can you go!

This book’s purpose is trifold by acting firstly as a useful guide for parents with helping them educate, guide, and nurture their daughters to dating gentlemen. Secondly, it’s designed to show their daughter what a gentleman is, how they behave, and why they deserve one. And lastly, for the benefit of the dating candidates, it teaches them what’s expected of a gentleman suitor and how to be one. 

By using this trifecta approach between parent, daughter, and gentleman; each will better understand what their roles are and help ensure between them that every daughter deserves, and dates, a gentleman. This book, Every Daughter Deserves a Gentleman: How to Master Gentlemanly Behavior & Become a Gentleman, does just that by elevating the cause and purpose of gentlemanly behavior and etiquette to a higher level for the benefit of all daughters; teenage and adolescent girls, and young adult women.

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