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Education Madness


A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Fixing America’s Dysfunctional & Illiberal Educational Systems 

According to many government statistics, America’s education system is failing due to lower expectations and the shift in focus from academic excellence in mathematics, science, reading, and history toward the implementation of social constructs like critical race theory equals fewer literate graduates.

“Public records and other evidence show that state-level and some local education officials are no longer focused on maintaining high academic standards and providing the best public education possible to students,” according to Liv Finne.
“Instead, a concern for learning has been replaced by an aggressive political agenda designed to instill doubt, mental pain and low expectations in students. This race-centered agenda also seeks to divide children from teachers, their own communities and from each other. 

This harmful trend can only be resolved through policies that return high-quality academic standards to public education and well-funded and supportive education-choice programs that allow families to access alternatives services to meet the learning needs of all children.”

Finne, a former adjunct scholar now serving as Director of the Center for Education at Washington Policy Center, has been analyzing education policy for the past 13 years. Her research suggests the unmistakable decline in the literacy of America’s students from fourth to twelfth grade is a direct result of the shift from academic excellence toward social constructs such as Critical Race Theory.

Are you concerned about how illiberal and dysfunctional America’s teacher’s union and leftist dominated public education systems are in our thousands of high schools, community colleges, and 4-year universities? And how to reverse their ‘D-‘ grade to an ‘A+’ grade? 

If yes, read on, but be forewarned: For some of you this MADNESS textbook will be a revelation, an epiphany, a sapient being moment. For others, it will be a triggering event, denial of truth, and a painful intervention.

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