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Every Son Deserves A Lady 

How to Master Ladylike Behavior and Become a Lady


It hit me at our final Daddy/Daughter Dance that my little girl was turning into a young lady, and what an honor it’s been attending every one of those dances. I never missed a single one from the first grade to the fifth! However, those dances were going to end when she moved on to middle school and she would most likely be dancing with boys her own age. Accepting the inevitable, I wished her the best and was confident she would pick a boy to dance with (or he chose her), who acted like a gentleman, and she a lady. 

When I reminisced about those special times, I wondered to myself if I had a son; and he had the same opportunity for a Mother/Son Dance; would he see how a lady behaves in his mother and learn from the experience and cherish it for the rest of his life, just like my daughter saw in me how a gentleman behaved at our dances? I’m certain of it, and that got me thinking that many of the points of view in this book should be seen from the mom’s perspective.

That, logically enough, was my inspiration to add a companion book to, Every Daughter Deserves a Gentleman: How to Master Gentlemanly Behavior & Become a Gentleman, with this one. This book’s purpose is trifold by acting firstly as a useful guide for parents with helping them educate, guide, and nurture their sons to dating ladies. Secondly, it’s designed to show their son what a lady is, how they behave, and why they deserve one. And lastly, for the benefit of the dating candidates, it teaches them what’s expected of a lady suitor and how to be one. 


By using this trifecta approach between parent, son, and lady; each will better understand what their roles are and help ensure between them that every son deserves, and dates, a lady. This book, Every Son Deserves a Lady: How to Master Ladylike Behavior & Become a Lady, does just that by elevating the cause and purpose of gentlewomanly behavior and etiquette to a higher level for the benefit of all sons; teenage and adolescent boys, and young adult men. 

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