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Miscellaneous Genries

The SAPIENT Being COVER (9-23-23).jpg

A Critical Thinking Guide to Help Stop & Prevent Academia's Neo-Marxist & Racist Progressivist Agenda

The second edtioin of the SAPIENT Being’s flagship book outlines an immediate strategic plan to fight academic illiberalism by protecting freedom of speech, enhancing viewpoint diversity and developing intellectual humility so that students, administrators, and professors can make and participate in free speech again on campus throughout America's high schools and colleges. Our long term goal and vision is to develop critical thinking and sapience in the process and help return American exceptionalism, Western European culture, and Judeo-Christian values to our academic institutions.  

ECSFF - Front Cover (11-24-20).jpg

ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities


Energy! It’s one of a building's major cost components. It’s a hot topic and will continue to be so. For most facilities, the cost of energy is not going down—only up. It’s essential to reduce energy costs on your building(s) whether new or existing.

Energy management is an integral part of the day-to-day operations for facility managers and property owners. Rising energy costs and increasing demand for sustainability are driving the need to reduce energy consumption in buildings and develop strategies for improving energy management.

Wildflowers - Front Cover (12-29-17) IS_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Wildflowers (Novel)


Wildflowers is a comedy-drama novel based on actual events in 1968 about an ex-Playboy Bunny named Lisa who kidnaps her two sons from school, Teddy and Cody, ages eight and ten—that she lost custody of to the boy’s grandparents—for being deemed an unfit single mother by the California Dept. of Social Services.

Caught between two worlds—the boys must choose between them. Against their better judgment—Cody and Teddy decide with their hearts over their heads and allow their mom to kidnap them from school where the threesome escape without being caught.

Winning School Board Elections With an Anti-Wokeness Platform.jpg
Winning School Board Elections With an Anti-Wokeness Platform
How to Create and Run a Successful “Stop Wokeness Campaign” for K12 School Board Elections

Americans are finally waking up to the woke neo-Marxist ideologies, divisive DEI policies, illiberal CRT and 1619 Project programs & projects, and leftist pedagogy that are proliferating throughout the USA's public education system. Now the question is how to push back against the tide of these destructive ideas that are harming our children? The answer begins at the grass roots level—with concerned parents, decisive leaders, school board candidates—running & winning school board positions with an anti-wokeness platform at thousands of K12 school board elections throught America. 

The Delta Tau Chapter History of The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity.jpg

The Delta Tau Chapter History of The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity


The Delta Tau Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau may have had humble beginnings as a club founded in 1957, but it has grown into one of the strongest Chapters of Phi Kappa Tau in the nation. The Chapter has been recognized for its accomplishments at the local and national level, and there is no end in sight to its limitless potential. Cal Poly's first Fraternity truly is Cal Poly's finest Fraternity, and it will continue to be so with continued dedication to preserving its rich history and traditions.

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