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Voting Madness


A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Election Irregularities, Voter Fraud, Mail‐In Ballots, HR1 and More 

The Heritage Foundation has so far documented 1,328 proven cases of voter fraud since America’s founding. Nonetheless, these numbers are miniscule compared to the millions of legal votes cast. Even if they likely represent the tip of an iceberg of voter fraud—there are not enough “proven” cases in the 2020 election to alter the seven million plus Joe Biden election victory margin. Or are there?

Is there some truth to Donald Trump’s claims of a “stolen election” and “massive voter fraud” to justify his 2020 election loss when you analyze huge pro‐Biden vote dumps after election night in key battleground states? If we replace the phrases of “stolen election” and “massive voter fraud” with “gamed” election and massive voter “irregularities”—does he have a case?

Furthermore, if we quantify these 2020 election gaming and irregularities by including the effect from election law changes enacted during the pandemic; combined with the subliminal leftist influence of big tech; a tsunami of fake news and false narratives, or voter fraud news suppression by mainstream media; and record setting funding by left leaning groups—yes, Trump has a case! 

As you will discover in Voting Madness, the combined impacts of “gaming” and “irregularities” and perhaps outright voter “manipulation”—could have influenced millions—perhaps tens of millions of American votes—mostly Millennials—to the overwhelming benefit of Biden and Democratic candidates. 

Trump’s legal team submitted more than 800 sworn eyewitness statements across six states consisting of affidavits, whistleblower accounts, witnesses, expert testimony, video and photographic evidence, statistical anomalies, and mathematical analyses to provide respective state and federal courts with innumerable demonstrations of mismanaged ballots, voting machine irregularities, due process transgressions, equal protection violations, actual fraud, and more. 

The vast majority have been dismissed due to improper legal procedures, lack of evidence or legal precedent, and some have been debunked and withdrawn. Yet others cannot be explained away—and until they are/or not—ongoing election integrity will be in doubt.

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