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Generations X, Y, and Z have been denied many sapient ideals and values as a result of free speech suppression and multi-media illiberalism. Lacking in viewpoint diversity, intellectual humility, and critical thinking skills, impressionable young minds are being imprinted by progressive ‘regressive’ indoctrination.


The intellectual capital of these generations has devolved due to decades of exposure to biased and false narratives to the point where Antifa, BLM, OSF and SPLC are seen as social justice warriors—whereas conservatives, whites, Republicans, and Trump supporters are automatically depicted as privileged racist fascists.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but facts must be factual, logic be logical, and truth be truthful. These three cornerstones of sapient thought are being distorted by the trifecta of main stream media, big tech, and academia which have rejected the telos of truth, under the guise of a perverse version of social justice, and are in many ways the de-facto media arm of the Democratic Party.


The pervasive results have been revealed in a variety of ways. On-campus watchdog groups have repeatedly shown how widespread disinformation is by interviewing students as to what their opinions are on, among other topics, recent Republican accomplishments under the Trump Administration.


When presented with these policies, practices and their effects, a significant percentage believe they are from leading progressives, the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party, and so on. Repeatedly, the misinformed students are shocked when they discover these concepts were actually derived from more conservative sources.


Every topic in Free Speech Madness provides a sapient point of view on the intellectual playing field, as opposed to the pervasive progressive lens through which virtually all topics are currently presented. For the indoctrinated, this textbook can function as a difficult but vital intervention. For the open-minded, it will be one revelation and epiphany after another.


Are you a sapient being open to the unvarnished truth? If so, then Free Speech Madness is for you!

Free Speech Madness

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