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WOWW Membership Registration Form

Become a WOWW lifetime member for a one-time $25 fee that includes 25% discount on all of the 50 MADNESS series of reference books. There are two other benefits of WOWW Membership:


  • Contributing to the content of each of the 50 MADNESS book titles during the one-month pre-publication period and by doings so you could be recognized by name and type of contribution in the Acknowledgement section of each of the 50 MADNESS book your contribute to with no limits. 


  • Utilizing the content and topics for further research for your own topics and writing projects such as authors, student papers, theses, articles, researchers, grant makers, public policy, debates, fact/fake news checking, classroom topics and news reports seeking diverse and alternative subject matter. 

After becoming a member, you will receive a Welcome E-mail with your:


  • Certificate of membership

  • E-book discount code for all 50 MADNESS books

  • Members access code for each book’s table of contents in prepublication stage

WOWW Category
Type of Author or Journalist
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