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Enhancing Viewpoint Diversity and Intellectual Humility to Make Free Speech Again on Campus

The SAPIENT Being’s primary goal is to return free speech to college campuses (and high schools too) by creating opportunities for open dialogue that ensure there is a decorum of civil discourse when this happens.


The SAPIENT Being is a free speech advocate and non-profit organization promoting viewpoint diversity throughout America’s academic and educational institutions. Our mission is to make free speech again on campus through open dialogue and civil discourse. 


The SAPIENT Being vision is to enhance viewpoint diversity for college students, educators, and administrators. Together, our long-term goal is to create a society advancing personal enlightenment and intelligence now together (S.A.P.I.E.N.T.) for all human beings. 


This is a great venue for independent minded students who want to hear both sides of an issue, from any topic, without intimidation. It's also a perfect opportunity for liberal and conservative leaning students to come together and openly debate the hottest and most contentious issues facing America and the world today.


We accomplish this by following the highest standards of civil discourse and debating each other’s ideas, premises and principles without attacking their character with malice and prejudice.​

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