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Progressivism Madness Newsletter

Corey Lee Wilson has authoried 75 articles so far for the Progressivism Madness newsletter and for a $7.99/month subscription, you cn access all of them at his newsletter site on Substack per the link below. Here is a list of these articles published so far: 

Articles from The S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being

1 - Freedom of Speech Madness and Viewpoint Suppression

2 - How Did Freedom of Speech Suppression Happen?

3 - Illiberalism and Campus Ideological Battlegrounds

4 - Make Free Speech Again On Campus Campaign

5 - Viewpoint Diversity, Intellectual Humility & Sapience

6 - Civil Debate, Discourse and Critical Thinking

7 - Liberals Rule

8 - Conservatives Rising

9 - Independents Uncertainty

10 - Academic Intellectual Diversity vs. Freedom of Expression

11 - Progressivism Madness: Marxism Lite for Campus Radicals?

12 - The Leftist Madness of Campus Rage

13 - Millennials Coddling and Socialism Madness

14 - Civics Illiteracy vs. Freedom of Speech

15 - Become a Sapient Being: Start Now!



Articles from Fake News Madness

1 – The Fake News Orgy of the 2016 Election

2 – Pretty Much All of Journalism Now Leans Left

3 – The Problem With Journalists and Media Bias

4 – Today's Media Elites: A Byproduct of Campus Illiberalism

5 – Media Polarization and the 2020 Election: A Nation Divided

6 – Not So Hidden Agenda and Collusion of Fake News Media

7 – The Destructive Influence and Power of Fake News Media

8 – Social and Mainstream Media’s Anti-Conservative Bias

9 – 33 Examples of Twitter’s Anti Conservative Bias

10 – The MSM and Democratic Party’s Collusion to Destroy Trump

11 – WOWW’s Journalism Code of Ethics, Practical Logic & Sapience

12 – 25 Other MSM Worst Fake New Examples

13 – Spotting Fake News Media Like a Media Watchdog

14 – Ten Prevalent Liberal/Leftist Fake News Stories and Agendas

15 – Which Media Sources Can We Trust and Not Trust?



Articles from Crime Rate Madness

1 – America's Embarrassing Crime Statistics & Perceptions

2 – The Color of Crime and Its Impact for All Americans

3 – Black Criminality—Not Racism or Police Brutality—Is the Problem

4 – The Missing Dialogue for Black-on-Black Crime Needs to Happen

5 – Interracial Victimization, Rape, Police Deaths & Hate Crime Statistics

6 – The Leftist Roots of Anti-Law Enforcement Bias and Rage

7 – No Systemic Police Brutality—Only Systemic Rioting & Lawlessness

8 – Fake News Narratives About the Police, Crime Statistics & American Racism

9 – The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an Anti-Conservative Defamation Machine

10 – Open Society Foundations (OSF) Are Sabotaging America’s Laws & Criminal Justice

11 – Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxist Foundations & Anti-America Agenda

12 – Antifa's Anarcho-Communist Indoctrination & Fascist Insurrection

13 – Democratic Controlled Cities, Riots, Chaos & Radical Mayhem

14 – Gangs, Sanctuary Cities, States & Sympathizers vs. Federal Laws

15 – Illegal Immigration vs. Crime Rates, Asylum & Birth Tourism



Articles from Voting Madness

  1. Election Fraud & Convictions Are a Fact and So Is the Data

  2. The 5 Biggest Myths Regarding Voter Fraud, Suppression & Election Integrity

  3. Sapient & Conservative Election Integrity Organizations Take Action

  4. Best Practices & Measures to Ensure Election Integrity & Prevent Abuse

  5. Unsapient & Leftist Policies Designed to Transform Elections & Politics

  6. How the Pandemic's Impact Mostly Hurt Trump—But Helped Biden

  7. How Democrats' Law Changes by State Legislatures Impacted the 2020 Election

  8. Private Funding, Facebook, Soros, PAC's & Non-Profits Influencing Elections

  9. Questionable Voting Dumps, Irregularities & Anomalies in the 2020 Election

  10. Six Dimensions of 'Alleged' Election Irregularities in Six Battleground States

  11. How Mainstream Media & Big Tech Bias Threatens Free and Fair Elections

  12. America's 21st Century Electorate: Demographics, Ideologies & Census Data

  13. 2020 Voter Polls, Election Results & Analysis and Georgia Lawsuit

  14. Stop the Steal, State Courts & Legislatures Rulings and Maricopa County Audit

  15. The Unsapient HR1 the "For the People Act" vs. the Sapient Convention of States Movement



Articles from California Madness

  1. California: Wave of the Future? Wake of the Past? Or Something in Between?

  2. Total Recall: Governor Newsom's Totalitarianism & Pandemic Sanctions

  3. The State's Democratic Party Supermajority & Governing Madness

  4. California Statistics & State Rankings: Great, Good, Bad, Very Bad, Ugly & Idiotic

  5. State Polarization, Diversity Politics, San Francisco Madness & Alarming Projections

  6. ‘Anti’ Business, Middle Class & Development—But ‘Pro’ Green, Crime & Homelessness

  7. Population Madness, Legal vs. Illegal Immigration & Demographic Challenges

  8. Fixing California’s Many Obstacles to Fast & Affordable Suburban Housing

  9. California's Earth, Wind, Fire & Water Crises vs. Climate Change & Environmental Madness

  10. Mexifornia: Why the State's Largest Ethnic Group is Falling Behind the Others

  11. Unbalanced Budgets, Prop Madness, Stolen Stimulus, Voter Fraud & Boondoggles

  12. Illiberal Academia, Failing Public Schools & Critical Race Theory Madness

  13. Public Sector & Teacher Unions' Pension Madness vs. Fiscal Timebomb

  14. The Cost of Big, Bad & Wasteful Government Via Public Employee Unions

  15. Stopping the State's Downward Spiral Into Progressivism Madness



Articles from Free Speech Madness

  1. The Demise of Civil Debate, Discourse & Freedom of Speech in the USA

  2. The Rise of Academia, Mainstream & Social Media Illiberalism & Intolerance

  3. How Fake News Thrives With Illiberal Journalists, Social Justice Warriors & Multi-Media

  4. The Mediacrats Collusion Is the Essence of Anti-Conservative Bias & Censorship

  5. Illiberal Journalists Defy Facts, Logic & Universal Truths in the ‘Name of Free Speech’

  6. Progressivism's Multiculturalism + Wokeness + Cancel Culture = Free Speech Intolerance

  7. Public Education Illiberalism vs. Student, Parent & Teacher Free Speech Rights

  8. Marxist Critical Theory and Its Two Other Illiberal Legal and Racial Derivatives

  9. Free Speech Degradation Within America's Academic, Justice, Scientific & Corporate Communities

  10. American Censorship Inspired by the CCP's Totalitarian Social Credit System

  11. How Big Tech’s Anti-Conservative Bias & Censorship Effect American Elections

  12. Facts, Truths & Wisdom Censored by Big Tech, Government, School Boards & Academia

  13. The Return of Freedom of Speech, Viewpoint Diversity, Intellectual Humility & Sapience

  14. Mill vs. Marx: Free Speech Champions Rise Up Against Free Speech Suppressors

  15. Freedom of Speech Models & Policies for America’s Public-Private Institutions

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