"MADNESS" Publications Resources

Here together, collected in one electronic library and master template are the various resources for the MADNESS series of books featured by Fratire Publishing. Below is our publication line-up for fall 2019. 

At Fratire Publishinng, we want to share iin our goals by providing transparency, inclusiveness and partnering with sapient writers of all non-fiction fields as you can see by the list of proposed MADNESS titles in the WOWW PROGRAM page.  We welcome all wrtiers to join our cause and quest. It's free to become a WOWW member. All that’s required is to complete a short membership form and register. 


Regardless, you don't have to have to join to use and benefit from our resources—they’re free as well. However, there are extra benefits to becoming a WOWW member, such as 25% off all Fratire Publishing books, a free monthly newsletter, and best of all the chance to partner with Fratire Publishing and be recognized in our MASTER REFEERENCES LIST and if quoted or reference in one of our proposed 46 books, be recognized for your content in one or more of those book’s publication.


We have a wide range of topics to focus on and there’s no limit to your book or master reference contributions. If you're ready to become a WOWW member, click on the button below.

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