Partner Products & Offerings

At Fratire Publishing, it's our vision and mission to provide a venue for like-minded sapient groups such as the Society Advancing Personal Intelligence and Enlightenment Now Together (S.A.P.I.E.N.T.) Being and their MADNESS series of current events textbooks, the World of Writing Warriors (WOWW) Program for student and independent authors, the Gentleman & Lady Program seeking to start a petition for a "National Be A Gentleman & Lady Month" proclamation and program, the STRIKE! Board Game promoting union solidarity, to CLW Enterpirses energy savings solutions, and other potential partners to help promote their publications, programs, and offerings as listed below.


WOWW Program and Membership

The WOWW Program is a partnership between the SAPIENT Being and Fratire Publishing that provides a unique opportunity for promising and unpublished writers, student and graduate journalists, debate programs and sponsors, white paper researchers and authors of every discipline and background to contribute to any of the MADNESS titles or share your own work as a partners and be recognized for it on the Fratire Publishing website. Because Fratire Publishing is a small but determined independent publisher, it makes the perfect home for the WOWW Program and independent authors to showcase their work, projects, and programs along with the 50 MADNESS series of book titles.



The S.A.P.I.E.N.T. Being and MADNESS Books


As a small and independent self-publisher, Fratire Publishing provides practical advice and a sapient analysis of current events one book at a time using viewpoint diversity, intellectual humility, and freedom of speech. Our MADNESS series of books help students and young adults understand the "madness" of issues facing America and the world in the 21st century and also help everyday people navigate safely through the many hazards of life and also attain a higher state of being--sapience. A world gone mad is our inspiration!




National Be a Gentleman and Lady Month Proclamation and Program

The "National Be a Gentleman and Lady" Month is a new campaign for a presidential proclamation to raise public awareness about sexual harassment, misogynistic behavior, and bad manners between the sexes and a program to implement it. The goal is to educate communities and individuals for safe and sane dating relationships using the Seven Pillars of Gentlemanly and Ladylike Behavior and Ethical Values as its foundation core of principles.


CLW Enterprises

CLW Enterprises is a smart energy systems partner with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Inland Empire Chapter in Southern California and is currently developing an Introduction to Energy Storage Systems Certificate program that is ideal for students, educators and trainees. The certification's primary focus is on energy storage systems that are projected to replace solar as the fastest growing energy industry sector this decade and into 2045. The certificate provides essential ESS information as a career of choice for public K12 and community college level students as well as private industry training programs.