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Corey Lee Wilson - Age 55
Corey Lee Wilson - Age 10

Corey Lee Wilson was born in 1958, Lakewood, California to Judith (Judy) Ann and Leland (Lee) Wilson, and was followed a year later by the birth of his younger brother Todd Anthony Wilson. Corey’s parents divorced in 1963 and his father went on to marry three more times (siring two half-brothers and one half-sister), while his mother remained single.


After taking custody of her two boys, Judy worked as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles in 1966. Shortly thereafter, Judy got caught up in the rebellious culture of the Sixties and lost custody of Corey and Todd to her parents, Buck and Laurie Breedlove, in December of 1967, after being deemed an unfit mother by the California Dept. of Social Services.


Six months later in May of 1968, Judy kidnapped Corey and his brother from Condit Elementary School in Claremont and hid them on a thoroughbred ranch at Pt. Dume in Malibu. A month later, Judy teamed up with a gourmet chef from the Chart House Restaurant in Malibu and re-opened a seedy bar in Chautauqua Canyon called the Crazy Horse Saloon where she and her partner and the boys lived in the second floor above the bar during the summer of 1968.


During this time, Corey’s grandparent’s hired a private detective to find him and his brother, which he did as soon as Judy registered them for school there. Evading apprehension, Judy fled the bar and rented a tiny house in Ocean Beach, San Diego, but like the week before, was discovered by the detective when she tried to register the boys for elementary school.

Realizing she could not keep her boys from their grandparents if she remained in California, Judy decided to hitch-hike from San Diego to Miami, Florida, and then settles in The Bahamas to avoid being captured.


At the King’s Island Hotel in Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island, Judy worked as a cocktail waitress while the boys attended a private school and delighted at living in a tropical paradise. However, after the first hurricane hit the island that fall, Corey and Todd grew homesick for the USA and with their mom’s permission they went back to live with their grandparents for 2-1/2 years. Rejoining their mom in 1971 in the San Francisco Bay area, Corey and Todd lived with Judy until her death in a car crash in November of 1974. After her death, the boys were split up and sent to separate foster homes.


Finally, after attending seventeen schools in California, one elementary school in The Bahamas, and living in two foster homes and then on his own during his senior year of high school, Corey graduated Claremont High School in 1977. Along the way, Corey was arrested for malicious mischief six times and sent to juvenile hall three times, but nonetheless, saw college as his only way up.


After he graduated from Mt. San Antonio College in 1982 with an AA degree in Liberal Arts, Corey attended Cal Poly Pomona and joined the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and graduated with honors with a BS degree in Economics in 1985. Trouble still followed him in college and he barely graduated due to disciplinary infractions and is the only college student in the USA to graduate on triple secret probation!


Corey’s brother Todd died of AIDS in 1996, his grandfather Buck died of cancer in 1997, and his grandmother Laurie died of cancer as well in 2001. Corey’s passion honors his lost family members and keeps their love alive by memorializing them in his novel Wildflowers.

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