S.A.P.I.E.N.T Being Textbook Series

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Enhancing Viewpoint Diversity and Intellectual Humility to Make Free Speech Again on Campus

The SAPIENT Being’s flagship book set its primary goals to enhance viewpoint diversity and intellectual humility so students, administrators, and professors can make and participate in free speech again on campus in America's high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities and enhance ideological diversity throughout America's academic and educational institutions. To accomplish these goals and develop sapience, this ground-breaking and thought-provoking book outlines the problems, impacts, and solutions to fighting illiberalism on campus and how important this is to the democratic process. 

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Fake News Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Spotting Fake News Media and How to Help Fight and Eliminate It

An analysis of fake and false news in mainstream and social media, journalism academic institutions, data/fact checking resources, about Trump derangement syndrome, 2016 election predictions, application of journalistic code of ethics, practical logic and more.

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Crime Rate Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the Color of Crime, Antifa, BLM, SPLC & OSF Impacts on Criminal Justice

A current analysis of racial crime rate disparities, interracial victimization rates, fake news narratives, ‘so called’ police brutality, Illegal immigrant crime, BLM and Antifa instigated riots, SPLC and OSF impacts on criminal justice, black-on-black crime, and more.

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Voting Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Election Irregularities, Voter Fraud, Mail-In Ballots, HR1 and More

A current analysis of pervasive Democratic Party voter fraud and techniques, stealing elections, voter ID laws, voter suppression, mail in ballots, cleaning voting registration rolls, 2020 census, foreign influences, list of voter fraud incidences/impact, recounts, and more.

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California Madness
A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to the State’s Recall, Leftist Policies & Progressive Downward Spiral 

An analysis of the governor recall, progressive and leftist policies, anti-middle class, business, housing, and exodus, as well as the state’s polarization, identity politics, unsapient policies and alarming projections plus its addiction to taxing, spending, overregulation and more. 

Publication date is September 7, 2021
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Free Speech Madness

A SAPIENT Being’s Guide to Detecting Free Speech Suppression and How to Fight and Eliminate It

A current analysis of freedom of speech suppression against conservatives, woke mob cancel culture, social media totalitarianism, mainstream media news suppression, first amendment rights, Millennials intolerance, education system indoctrination, and more. 

Publication date is December 28, 2021